LIFE PCR Symposium

On 31st May, the team at Elemetal welcomed participants to visit the facility at Plant One, in Botlek-Rotterdam, where over the past two years, Elemetal has built a demonstration plant for the upcycling of zinc from bottom ash. The afternoon program consisted of several presentations… Read More »LIFE PCR Symposium

The PCR Project Explained

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During the construction of the demonstration plant the project made a video on the construction and explaining the concept of zinc recycling. Watch the following video.

Update Demonstration Project

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The year 2021 has been a very bust year for the PCR project, and despite the challenges of the pandemic the project succeeded to realize the phase 2 demonstration. The construction of the demonstration plant has been accomplished and currently the plant is being commissioned.… Read More »Update Demonstration Project

Update June 2019

After performing successful prototype tests in 2017 and early 2018 the project had some delay in taking the next steps of scaling up to demonstration scale. Due to the the complexity of the technology and the project it was decided to scale up to the… Read More »Update June 2019

Notice board PCR project

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The beneficiaries implemented the following notice board for the PCR project. The Notice Board is placed at Petroleumweg 32-D, Vondelingenplaat, and is visible for public.