Update Demonstration Project

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The year 2021 has been a very bust year for the PCR project, and despite the challenges of the pandemic the project succeeded to realize the phase 2 demonstration. The construction of the demonstration plant has been accomplished and currently the plant is being commissioned. The construction of phase 2 demonstration was split up into 2 parts: The construction of the leaching and purification process followed by the construction of the crystallization. This was done because the delivery of the crystallization had a much  longer lead time, and it would make it possible to already commission and startup the first part of the process (leaching and purification). The startup of the leaching and purification was originally scheduled for September 2021. The construction phase started energetically with the steelworks and assembly of the main equipment. Due to the pandemic situation, the PCR project experienced quite some delay on the delivery of the electronics and automation. The construction and commissioning of the leaching and purification was finished just before Christmas. The first batches of zinc sulphate solution (half fabric) were produced early January, and currently the production is ramping up and the process is further debottlenecked.

The crystallization was delivered early December and is almost ready for commissioning. From February the commissioning will start and first products are expected during the month of March. The demonstration period of the full line is expected to start from May or June 2022.