DEMO Phase 2

DEMO Phase 2

The production of zinc sulphate in solution has a drawback that it is a relative “low value” product. The zinc content in this product is about 11-12 w% and still a lot of water is being transported. From an environmental and economic point of view it I smore interesting to make a product with a higher zinc value. Within the LIFE project it is chosen to demonstrate the production of zinc sulfate crystals which contain a zinc content varying between 22 and 36% depending on the amount of hydrated water crystals. 

During phase two the demonstration will be scaled up to an annual production capacity of 1300-2000 metric tonne of zinc depending on a 24/5 or 24/7 operation. 

Expected results

  • The LIFE PCR demonstration phase 2 commissioned, tested and fully functioning
  • Pre-separation of zinc and brass, followed by leaching, purification and recovery of copper and zinc in a pure marketable form


Other expected results

  • Pre-concentration of metals from 250 000 tons of bottom ash by physical treatment 
  • Improved bottom ash quality
  • Validated LCA on the environmental impact for DEMO phase 1as well as DEMO phase 2
  • Dissemination of the project results to relevant stakeholders