LIFE PCR Symposium

On 31st May, the team at Elemetal welcomed participants to visit the facility at Plant One, in Botlek-Rotterdam, where over the past two years, Elemetal has built a demonstration plant for the upcycling of zinc from bottom ash. The afternoon program consisted of several presentations about other LIFE projects, by Blue Phoenix GroupUniversity of Li├Ęge/Comet Traitements S.A. and ASCEM, followed by a tour of the Elemetal demonstration plant.

Elemetal focuses on upcycling non-ferrous metals from secondary/waste streams. By improving the recycling efficiency of existing zinc and copper streams, we can reduce the environmental burden of zinc and copper mining and processing from ore, while reducing GHG emissions from electricity and transport.

Thank you to all those who attended the Symposium, and for more information about Elemetal, visit our websites: